Institute of Genetic Engineering (IGE)

First College in West Bengal started Biotechnology and Genetics courses

M.SC in Genetics

Duration : 4 Semesters (Two Years)

Total Credit : 96 Credits

(Modified syllabus of M.Sc in Molecular and Human Genetics proposed by Biotechnology consortium India Limited- Dept. of Biotechnology, Govt. of India)

M.Sc Degree Course in Genetics

Course Details


The program provides a strong theoretical and practical knowledge of key areas of Genetics and its applications. There is a research module to help students to survey literature, analyze data and make critical assessments of scientific reports, papers or research proposals, and to plan their own research program.

The course in total is worth 90 credit points in 4 semesters.


The main target group is that of Graduates (BSc) in the Biological Sciences who wish to pursue a career in Biotechnology either in industry or academia. The program may also be suitable for those with BSc in Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Food & Nutrition and BTech in Biotechnology, who have a strong interest in Biotechnology.

Theoretical Papers : 18 Papers (Marks = 1800)

Total Credit 54

Practical / Project Papers : Total Marks = 1800)

Total Credit 36

Total Credit in 4 Semesters = 54 + 36 = 90

3 credit (Theory) means 4 lecture hours per week or 42 lectures per semester per paper

2 credit (Lab.) means at least 40 hours of lab work per semester per paper

MSc : Genetics Syllabus


Code Course Title Contact Hrs./wk Credit
A Theory L- T -P
MSGN-101 Biochemistry 3-0-0 3
MSGN-102 Laboratory Techniques 3-0-0 3
MSGN-103 Cell and Molecular Biology 3-0-0 3
MSGN-104 Biostatistics 3-0-0 3
MSGN-105 Basic genetics 3-0-0 3
B Practical
MSGN-191 Biochemistry & Analytical Techniques Lab 0-0-6 3
MSGN-192 Cytogenetics Lab 0-0-6 3
MSGN-193 Data analysis using statistical software 0-0-6 2
MSGN-181 Seminar 1
Semester Total 24


Code Course Title Contact Hrs./wk Credit
A Theory L- T -P
MSGN-201 Evolutionary biology and
population Genetics
3-0-0 3
MSGN-202 Clinical genetics 3-0-0 3
MSGN-203 Immunology 3-0-0 3
MSGN-204 Genetic Engineering 3-0-0 3
MSGN-205 Applied Bioinformatics 3-0-0 3
MSGN-206 Choice based courses
(from MOOCS basket)
B Practical
MSGN-291 Genetic engineering lab 0-0-6 3
MSGN-292 Immunology Lab 0-0-6 3
MSGN-281 Seminar 1
Semester Total 24


Code Course Title Contact Hrs./wk Credit
A Theory L- T -P
MSGN-301 Human genetics and genetic
3-0-0 3
MSGN-302 Developmental genetics 3-0-0 3
MSGN-303 Genomics & Proteomics 3-0-0 3
MSGN-304 IPR, Biosafety & Bioethics 3-0-0 3
MSGN-305 Choice Based course
(From Elective Basket)
2-0-0 2
MSGN-306 Choice based courses
(from MOOCS basket)
2-0-0 2
B Practical
MSGN-391 Lab for Applied Bioinformatics 0-0-6 3
MSGN-392 Lab for developmental genetics 0-0-6 3
MSGN-381 Project Proposal Presentation / seminar 2
Semester Total 24


Code Course Title Contact Hrs./wk Credit
L- T -P
MSGN-481 Project work 0-0-0 22
MSGN-482 Lab Visit / industry visit 1
MSGN-483 Seminar on Journal club 1
Semester Total 24

List of Suggested Electives:

List of Suggested Electives:

  1. Human Molecular Genetics
  2. Microbial Molecular Genetics
  3. Plant Molecular Genetics
  4. Animal Molecular Genetics

^Any two 1.5 credit courses can be taken up to make one 3 credit course.